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"I wouldn't dream of going into the [MARS ATTACKS!] session without a theremin. The score that started me [composing] was The Day The Earth Stood Still. That was the first film where I noticed the music and was aware as a kid that the music isn't just there by magic." Danny Elfman, [CINFANTASTIQUE, January/1996/Vol.28/No.7]

While most fans were glad just to have MARS ATTACKS! finally released on CD, the length of the actual score available left something to be desired. So scaring myself with intrepid geekiness, I actually sat down, with pen and paper and stopwatch in hand. Timing each and every piece of music I could decipher. While this is a good indication of how much music was actually written, it should not be taken as an exact amount as times could vary. (I also took the liberty of naming the cues). Included with the complete listing is my original review for MARS ATTACKS! which was included on this site in March, then last month made an impromptu exit (my mistake). So if you didn't know it was out, the CD for MARS ATTACKS! is out and here, in all it's glory is the complete work.

MARS ATTACKS! (37:54)[DDD][1996]

Music: Danny Elfman
Orchestrations: Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simon and Mark McKenzie
Conducting: Artie Kane
Produced By: Danny Elfman, Steve Bartek and Ellen Segal
Label: Atlantic Classics

Tracks listed in MARTIAN RAY GREEN indicate music not available on CD.

1. Introduction (1:40)
2. Main Titles (2:22)
3. Las Vegas, Nevada (possibly source music) (1:05)
4. Headlines (0:11)
5. First Sighting (1:26)
6. Taffy (0:23)
7. Barbara's Church Speech (0:36)
8. Billy Glenn Departs (1:30)
9. Sending Co-ordinates (1:16)
10. The Landing (6:01) The Landing (film version) (8:40)
11. "We Come In Peace"/First Attack (2:55)
12. Return Message (2:17)(Out of order on CD)
13. "Ethel..." (0:11)
14. Ungodly Experiments (:53)
15. "A message from the Martians..." (0:31)
16. State Address (3:06)
17. Apology To Gen. Decker (0:39)
18. Two Outta Three Ain't Bad (0:44)
19. Loving Heads (1:20) (Out of order on CD)
20. Martian Madame (3:02)
21. Martian Lounge (2:54)
22. Thank You Mitch (0:43)
23. Martians Suit Up/"I'm scared!"/Over Washington (1:33)*
24. Boy Scouts (0:30)
25. Full Scale Invasion (1:58)
26. Galaxy Hotel Destroyed (0:34)
27. Tom Jones Escapes (0:25)
28. "Sin"-dering City/Donut World (0:45)
29. Mon Dieu (0:54)
30. Nuclear Capabilities (1:46)*
31. Destructo X (1:17)
32. Defending The Trailer (0:16)
33. Pursuit (2:55) Pursuit (Film version) (3:25)
34. The War Room (1:31)
35. Mitch Dies (0:23)
36. The President's Speech (2:10)*
37. President Dale Impaled (0:33)*
38. Crossing The Airfield (Pursuit Reprise) (:30)
39. Airfield Dilemma (2:05)
40. New World (1:45)
41. Ritchie's Speech (3:09)
42. End Credits (3:53)

MARS ATTACKS! CD (score) Length: 37:54**
MARS ATTACKS! Actual Film Score Length: 69:46
**Does not include 9 minutes of songs.

*Indicates cues of most interest. Included is the music for the Martians first suiting up in an assembly line style, when the President authorizes nuclear capabilities to be unleashed on the Martians (a pounding cue very interesting that it was not used) and the much discussed music for "The President's Speech", which transitions into the cue for President Dale's demise. These four tracks would have made nice additions to the CD. Note: A bootleg recording of the complete MARS ATTACKS! score has circulated. The source was the isolated score track on the MARS ATTACKS! DVD.

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