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03/31/07 Added a Filmography entry for Serenada Schizophrana. Nacho Libre, Charlotte's Web and Meet The Robinsons coming soon!
11/29/06 Okay, so the site isn't 100% ready, but what the hell - it's up and running! You'll find the broken bits, I'm sure. My apologies as I fill the gaps over the next few weeks. Enjoy!
07/11/05 The site design is progressing, unfortunately not in time for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Click through for notes and soundclips from Elfman's latest! Full review coming this week.
04/10/05 Anticipating the upcoming (Summer '05 - er, now 2006) redesign of this site, you won't see many updates being made. Until then I've uploaded some new soundclips to the site. Keep tuned to the message board, where all the latest news and related info will appear first, including the exclusive breaking news about Elfman and Spider-Man 3.

07/26/04 Audioclips from Danny's Spider-Man 2 score have been added to the Media section.
07/11/04 News items added, New Projects updated.
05/02/04 News items added.
01/25/04 Wow, finally! A review and soundclips for Big Fish are online.

07/22/03 I've added a Spider-Man 2 section to the site, with Columbia Pictures' official summary of the film's story, as well as the first shot of Spidey's new nemesis, Dr. Otto Octavius.
07/09/03 I've added photos of Tim Burton and the cast of Big Fish, from the July issue of Vanity Fair, and have brought the news section up to speed (sort of).
06/25/03 Enter to win 1 of 7 copies of The Hulk! (Contest now closed!)
06/11/03 Review and soundclips (.mp3 and Real Audio) of The Hulk.
01/16/03 All the jazz on Elfman's Chicago.

09/30/02 Enter the Red Dragon feature, with review and soundclips.
07/15/02 Two news items added, Elfman's BMI honors and Men In Black II
05/04/02 Soundclips from Danny Elfman's Spider-Man score now available (added 6/5) -- with a review of the score album by John Mullin
04/30/02 Soundclips from Danny Elfman's Spider-Man score now available.
04/01/02 More info on Spider-Man soundtrack release -- not the score release. Check out the discussion forum, to add your support for a Spider-Man score album!
02/24/02 First look at Danny Elfman's Spider-Man. Congratulations to Canada's Olympic men's hockey team. Gold medal winners!
01/12/02 Review and clips from Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek's Novocaine score.

11/25/01 Un-released score clips from Danny Elfman's Planet of The Apes score and DVD info added.
10/13/01 Big update to the filmography -- I've started to add info on many Elfman albums that otherwise haven't been profiled on the site yet. More to follow. Added news items on the NmBC Disney attraction, Planet of The Apes DVD and more.
08/26/01 Added news items on Novocaine, and Red Dragon. Also made some small updates to the New Projects page.
07/29/01 Added news items on Planet of The Apes and more. If you haven't seen the film, and are true Danny Elfman fan, see it -- often!
07/19/01 What else but Planet of The Apes! 7 soundclips from Danny Elfman's score album plus first impressions.
07/12/01 More info on the Planet of The Apes soundtrack.
07/06/01 Small bit of info on the Planet of The Apes soundtrack.
06/24/01 I've added a page for Planet of The Apes in anticipation of the soundtrack release. "Music For A Darkened People" was featured in Entertainment Weekly again, you can find me in the issue now on sale (with the 'Spider-Man' "It List" cover). The article is also available at EW's website.
06/21/01 A few News items added on Planet of The Apes and more.
06/19/01 More updates, mostly in the Sound Clips section (yes, this section was formerly known as "Media"). I've started replacing older files with higher quality new ones (Batman, Batman Returns, Black Beauty, Mission: Impossible, Nightbreed, The Frighteners, and Scrooged are all newly replaced clips!) and repaired all of the broken links.
07/18/01 After about two years it was time for MFADP to undergo a bit of a revision. So, here are the results. You'll notice bigger and brighter text (the no. 1 request from visitors), improved navigation (both at the top and bottom of every page), re-organized central pages for the Features, Articles and News sections.

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