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    RCox Wrote:

    > Hellboy II, Wanted, and the amazing Standard
    > Operating Procedure represent Elfman’s best film
    > work since Sleepy Hollow and Planet of the Apes,
    > in my opinion. It’s been a very good summer. And
    > we still have Milk on the horizon!

    You say it in the way that Elfman hasn’t been writing amazing stuff in the past six years. What about the Spiderman scores he composed, Red Dragon (Masterpiece, IMO) Hulk, Big Fish (another masterpiece,IMO), CATCF, Corpse Bride, Charlottes Web. I didn’t put MIIB in there because it not everyones liking. Eventhough I enjoyed the heck out of it when I first got it. I still do enjoy it but I haven’t heard it for a few months. I agree 2008 is a BRILLIANT year for Elfman and us Elfmanites. This year reminds me of 02′ when Elfman had three eagerly anticipated movies. Spidey1,MIIB, and Red Dragon.of course. All were great scores ,IMO. And believe it to and still do believe it to be a great year for Elfman.


    FYI, “InternationalGenius” is the same guy that wrote that mega-Elfman-rip-off score to the lame REAL GHOSTBUSTERS fan-movie! What a douche!


    Last Elfman post on Instagram sounds like he never understood why Del Toro never called him back to do another film. Wasn’t there some rumours that Del Toro wasn’t fond of Elfman’s work on Hellboy II ?


    I believe he was joking, and referring to the creature in the picture, and not Del Toro, when he said they were a “thing” for a while, and “love remains one of life’s greatest mysteries”.


    Yeah, it’s the monster he was referring to. GDT has only every been complimentary about Elfman and has tweeted about him a few times.

    The score for Hellboy II is brilliant btw. Not mixed well in the movie, though.


    Ahah, indeed, read that too quickly and that weird memory I have of Del Toro not being happy with the results did the rest…

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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