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    my jaw has been perpetually dropped this past week every time i get to the lacrimae section of the 4th movement. it’s something beyond sublime.

    did everyone see the LA Times profile on the disc? lots of good quotes from elfman and sandy cameron on the reason for this concerto’s being:


    Ryan Keaveney

    New 37 minute audio interview with Danny on CBC’s Q:

    “From The Simpsons to the eccentric realm of Tim Burton to the superhero universe of Spiderman and Avengers, composer Danny Elfman has been responsible for bringing fictional worlds to life with music for decades. Now he’s taking on a new challenge: his first violin concerto.”



    Another good interview.

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    Mr. Dantz

    I’ve noticed his social media pages have been more active recently. I wonder if someone is managing them, or if he’s doing all this himself?



    Yes, he has a proper Facebook and Instagram page indeed, it’s nice. I doubt he’s behind it actively, probably just validates the content on occasion but who knows.

    If he needs an official website, we can just link him this place… 😛



    So many people wanting an Oingo Boingo reunion in these Facebook comments lol. However, I think they could make an easy buck with a remaster of the Boingo albums, in a boxset for instance. Their discography is not even well represented on streaming services…


    Mr. Dantz

    I would be ecstatic if they just released the last Boingo album with the unreleased studio tracks (Vultures, Water).



    Just booked tickets for the ‘Elfman Gala’ in Glasgow. It’s the UK premiere of the violin concerto.

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)

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