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Black Beauty (1994)
Music Composed by Danny Elfman
Orchestrations by Steve Bartek / Additional Orchestrations by Jeff Atmajian
Conducted by JAC Redford
Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Murphy & Geoff Foster
Album Produced by Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek

Label (Catalogue): Giant Records, (9 24568-2)
Availability: Out of print, selections available on Music For A Darkened Theater, Vol. 2
Purchasing options: Check secondary market

"Happy and sad to the extreme. Finally a chance to really turn on the sentimental valve up to maximum and if there's one thing I really love... It's sad music." - Danny Elfman

Black Beauty remains one of Danny Elfman's most popular and sought after albums -- for good reason. In 1994 Elfman penned one of his most intimately beautiful and lyrical scores for the film, which was directed by Edward Scissorhands screenwriter Caroline Thompson, Danny Elfman's girlfriend at the time.

The score is based on a grand main theme first stated in "Main Title". There is a distinct "cute-ness" to the score, but not so much to be saccharine or fake. This is genuinely uplifting (this being Danny Elfman, Black Beauty isn't without a cue or two of utter melancholy!) and charming score. Elfman utilizes several Irish-flavored orchestrations, including a penny whistle. Highlight tracks include: "Baby Beauty", which tosses out the main theme in several robust ways, "Gang On The Run" with some of Danny Elfman's most pronounced writing for piano, "Jump For Joy", "Kicking Up A Storm" and "Ginger Snaps". In fact the whole album is just plain amazing.

Unfortunately the album is long out-of-print. However, it's still possible to track down a copy in "cut-out" bins and even in retail stores. Copies often end up on eBay at high prices, and while it's hard to say just how much you should pay for a CD, Black Beauty would be worth the purchase in the $35-$40 range... Or whatever it takes to complete your Elfman collection!

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01. Main Title (2:28)
02. Baby Beauty (4:37)
03. Gang on the Run (2:16)
04. Mommy (0:53)
05. Jump for Joy (1:01)
06. Kicking Up A Storm (1:34)
07. The Dance / Bye Merrylegs (2:50)
08. Sick (3:16)
09. He's Back (Revival) (1:17)
10. Frolic (2:33)
11. Ginger Snaps (3:18)
12. Goodbye Joe (1:28)
13. Wild Ride/Dream (2:12)
14. Is It Joe? (1:20)
15. In The Country (2:37)
16. Poor Ginger (3:49)
17. Bye Bye Jerry /
     Hard Times (4:56)
18. Memories (1:29)
19. End Credits (1:52)

Total running time: 45:20

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