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    I saw this a and thought you might want to see it..

    >>FOX News spoke with Michael Keaton who says he’s interested in another Beetlejuice

    “I’ve talked to Tim about it. You have to remember that a lot of what we did was made up as we went along. A script would never reflect what we would shoot. All that stuff that everyone likes is us riffing.”

    Keaton said that if Warner Bros. would give them the green light, he and Burton are ready to try and do it. So my message to Warner’s is: what are you waiting for?<<
    Personally, I don’t think it would me a good idea, but just the thought of Elfman revisiting the old Beetlejuice theme in is newly developed style has me salivating at the mouth (where else would you salivate from?).



    It just appeared at the end of last week.


    It’d be nice if it were true. I mean, the article is true, but it’s basically re-stating stuff from an old interview. Trust me, I’m a huge Michael Keaton fan, and there’s articles all over the place like that on some of the sites dedicated to him. But other than him appearing on Frasier a few months ago, there’s not much going on. He’s pretty much laid low for quite some time now.

    But of course, it would be great if I were wrong, and they announced tomorrow that a movie’s in the works! But if you’re really interested in a BeetleJuice sequel, I think the screenplay is still floating around out there, somewhere. Maybe you could read it while listening to the original’s soundtrack. Anyways, I think that’s as close as we’re gonna get–for now at least.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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