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    Saw this at Wiki:

    Raimi and Tapert ran into conflicts with the studio during post-production. Early preview screenings did not go well as people laughed in the wrong places and complained about a lack of a happy ending.[10] Then, two preview screenings, one with Danny Elfman’s score went well. Tapert remembers, “the experience on Darkman was very difficult for Sam and me; it isn’t the picture we thought it should be, based on the footage we shot and all that. The studio got nervous about some kind of wild things in it, and made us take them out, which was unfortunate.”[1]

    Another question is…did those cut scenes include Elfman music we haven’t heard?!



    I’d love to see the cut footage as DARKMAN is one of my favorites.


    Universal needs to release a special edition DVD. With the success of the Spider-Man franchise I’m surprised they haven’t done this already.



    I’m sure that Raimi would have to control every aspect of the DVD release. Something he surely does not have time for. Hence, no special edition…

    It’s a shame too. You’d think that Universal would just do it without him.


    I think they have interest. Recently they re-released the DVD with a new cover.



    Yeah but they do that wilth plenty of films. How to make fresh news out of old ones…



    Yeah, all the studios are doing it. Old transfers in new jewel cases…



    the fellas at cinemablend had an adoringly fanboy interview with elfman recently. while the convo was primarily about DUMBO and elfman’s work with burton, elfman revealed that his theme for DARKMAN was originally written for a different film. 😮

    interview takes place 1:04:10 – 1:22:11 here:

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    Great trivia indeed !

    Of course, we don’t know how it would have played out but I find it funny that he perhaps was in a stage of his career where he felt that he couldn’t re-use a musical idea at all. Look how a Family Man theme became the Spider-Man 10 years later; it’s quite common for film composers to expand on an idea they first introduced in another movie.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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