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    Whats up with Elfman on end credits lately?

    Spidey 2 , Charlotte’s Web , Meet the Robinsons, Wanted (not counting Little things), T4 all don’t have music that was written for the end credits.
    I haven’t seen Nacho Libre, SOP, Milk, Taking Woodstock, The Wolfman, or Alice yet. It’s doubtful for Nacho and Woodstock would have music written for the end credits. I know SOP has music for end credits b/c the cd says so. Anybody know if Danny wrote any music and TPTB decided not to use it like in the case of Big Fish ? Or is he just isn’t interested in doing that anymore?


    It depends on the studio. Sometimes they wanna stick a song at the end. Which was the case with Spidey 2. Even Alice in Wonderland has songs instead of score.



    ALICE only had the one song (by Avril Lavigne), then followed by Elfman’s “Alice’s Theme”.



    Such a great shame. I think the Alice Theme with the words is one of the most beautiful things Elfman has penned. Unfortunately, it’s tagged on at the very end for very few people to hear. Does anybody think that it was written for an extended title sequence, as you tend to have with a Burton film, but was later scrapped?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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