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Forums Forums General Discussion Giacchino's Spider-Man music was less Horner & Zimmer and more Elfman

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    Been listening to the score on Spotify. 0:22 into “Webbed Surveillance” I swear I was listening to WANTED.

    Actually quite a bit of it reminds me of MEN IN BLACK and its sequel scores.


    It’s a good enough score but comfortably the weakest of the six to date, for me.

    Feels weird that in a year in which we’ve had superhero scores by Beltrami and Giacchino that the best one is by Tyler Bates…

    Bring on Justice League.

    NP: Hellboy II – this is stupidly good.


    I like it. To me, it’s the best Spider-Man score after Elfman’s. It has a feel-good vibe that I enjoy. Giacchino experts seem to say that it doesn’t have much imagination compared to his recent efforts but honestly, I’d take Giacchino any day over Bates or Zimmer.


    I tried listening to this, but hated it as I do 99% of all Giacchino.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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