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    About to release a solo punk record, finishing up a few orchestral commissions and about to score an original sci-fi from two up-and-coming directors and a hugely anticipated blockbuster directed by one of his main collaborators. Not bad for 68!

    Forever my favourite musician. I’m here for absolutely all of it. Happy birthday to the man himself!


    Happy 68th Birthday and many more, Danny Elfman.

    Ryan Keaveney

    And hey, only 30 days after MY birthday… 😁


    Well Mr. Elfman turned 70 today. And the man doesn’t look it. He looks about 20 years younger.
    I hope Mr. Elfman has a very happy 70th birthday and many more.


    He does look in significantly better shape than 15-20 years ago, it’s kind of crazy. And to be honest, I kind of feared the moment where the film music production would slow down but I didn’t anticipate it would be in favour of a rock comeback and concert music shift. His career really changed in the last years towards something more exciting (than two blockbusters and 2 smaller films a year), which is impressive for an artist reaching that age.

    So Happy Birthday M. Elfman, hope we still have many more years of surprises to come.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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