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    Well, after 7 odd years of collecting Elfman’s scores I think I’ve gotten all that I’m going to get (with the exeption of his promotional scores)

    So aside from Elfman what composers do you listen to? Or more specifically what Jerry Goldsmith scores do you like?


    Hey Bodhi,

    Well, there are many composers who I think are quite good. Jerry Goldsmith is one (THE SHADOW was the first non-Elfman score CD I owned), Trevor Jones (MERLIN, THE DARK CRYSTAL, THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS), Elliot Goldenthal (ALIEN3, MICHAEL COLLINS, FINAL FANTASY) and James Newton Howard (ATLANTIS, WYATT EARP, WATERWORLD, DINOSAUR).

    I like a lot of other composers too — mostly the ones who make themselves distinct with personal style like Marc Shaiman, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, John Williams (the non-Spielberg/HOOK stuff!!), Basil Poledouris and Christopher Young.

    I think it would be easier to name the composers whose music I’m not too crazy about! But I won’t… :)

    Of Goldsmith’s you should try sampling music from several eras. He used to be a total hard-ass composer, churning out mean stuff like THE OMEN and PLANET OF THE APES, but has turned more lyrical with epic stuff like FIRST KNIGHT and THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS. I think to this day that Jerry is still the best action writer for orchestra. If you like your music big and bold, try THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR, or THE GHOST IN THE DARKNESS (for examples of his best recent stuff) or perhaps some of the many compilations of his music. Here are a couple I recommend:

    Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith
    The Film Music Of Jerry Goldsmith



    There is one good John Williams score that is Spielberg and that is Saving Private Ryan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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