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    I know its very public knowledge that his brother Richard and Bodhi (Richard’s kid and Jenna) are scientologists but there’s been absolutely nothing regarding Danny and the religion.
    Only thing I’ve ever heard was that he said he became atheist when he was a kid. But, I know atheists can also be scientologists, too.

    This question comes up very often in Oingo Boingo fan circles but its never once been confirmed either way.

    However, my opinion on the religion is neutral. No real opinion one way or another as I guess nobody really knows what really goes on in it and it’s really know different from other religions really.

    You can delete this thread if its crossed any lines or against guidelines with no hard feelings from me.


    From an old AOL chat session :

    Question: *Really* stupid question. Are you an atheist?
    DElfmn: Absolutely not. I believe in Dog.


    But..thing is him being an athiest doesnt change fact that atheists can be scientologists and supposedly a lot are. As scientology isn’t really seen as a religion by most, but an ideology.
    I thought same, that if one was an athiest that meant not even scientology. But now that’s not true…so now the Danny mystery still remains.
    Hes never said a word on the subject.


    He is (was?) friends with Paul Haggis after his super controversial split from Scientology, so I can’t imagine that he is.


    No way he’s a scientologist. But he could have been a scientist!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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