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    And Sandy Cameron and John Mauceri. They were signing copies of Eleven Eleven after last night’s performance in Scotland. I didn’t want to say anything since I know how uncomfortable he gets at this sort of thing, but ‘I love Dolores Claiborne’ came out.

    Huge queue for the signing. They were selling copies at the concert hall, and it looked like they sold out.

    Brilliant night. Got to hear the ‘Alice’ suite live (which the sheet music confirms was written for the first movie, not the sequel).

    If you get the chance, you have to go. I could’ve watched the concerto twice in a row.


    How did he react to your Dolores Claiborne comment ? 🙂

    Next time, just go “I love Spider-Man 2” and run.


    He said he appreciated it and smiled. The lady before me had brought tickets from every Elfman/Burton show…ever, so I was only ever going to be a disappointment haha.


    Wonder how he would’ve reacted if a fan shouted out to him his “Justice League score rocked”?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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