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    The Top Money MAkers at the BOXOFFICE are, to date, SPIDER-MAN and ATTACK OF THE CLONES. I’m just wondering who liked which most. Now I’m not asking for anyone to slam either film in regards to the other (both films have as much bad aspects as good). I just wanna know, in whoever’s opinion, which is more favorable.

    Personally I liked CLONES more. It was far superior to EPISODE I and also wrapped DRAMA, SUSPENSE, ACTION and LOVEY-LOVE into one sparkling piece of eye-candy.

    Ryan… anyone at all? tell me…

    PS: This isn’t a comparison on scores. We all know who’s was better. This is an ELFMAN board.



    Man, we had this discussion a few topics ago..

    Id say Spiderman because it had more involvement…You give a crap about the characters. Star Wars doesn’t give you much emotional value…and for myself, in a world that lacks value of this sort, that’s what i go for.

    I mean, how much value can one get out of Jango Fett?


    well, i sort of disagree. personally, i liked them both about equally, but i think star wars has enough involvement with it’s characters – after 4 movies worth of development, Obi-Wan and Yoda are starting to feel like old friends. and, while Jango wasn’t incredibly developed (although well played), i still found his side-story, along with young Boba, to be very interesting.

    Spider-man was excellent, and fun – it TOTALLY reminded me of reading the comic book as a kid, but i also find something really compelling about the whole epic Jedi-myth thing…

    both of these movies are so much better then the usual trite that passes for popcorn entertainment….

    anyways, in my opinion, A Simple Plan knocks them both on their rears….


    I liked SPIDER-MAN much, much, much more.

    First off, nothing in the first hour and forty-five minutes of EPISODE II is remotely exciting. The assasination sequence? Well, we all know that Padme is in no danger, so what’s the point? I was bored to tears until the arena/clone battle.

    There is very little tension or interest in these back stories. We all know where these characters are heading, and getting there is dull.

    SPIDER-MAN was everything brisk and entertaining. Swift and well made, characters portrayed by actors who aren’t overwelmed by costume, bluescreen and legend. I don’t have any problems with SPIDER-MAN, and disagree with the statement that there is “as much bad as good”.




    it is the hottest most entertaining film in years

    this film rocked beyond belief

    i have seen it 3 times and i am going again

    honestly i had very little hope for this flic i hated the WTC trailer how wrong was I

    THERE IS A REASON they call backstory BACKSTORY you are not supposed to see it it is the skeleton

    backstory just doesnt do it for me LUCAS is a great storyteller but a bad screenwriter

    anyway it is an action packed b-flick
    and i have seen it twice but episode 2 is really weak compared to spiderman

    that said is spidey hadnt come out it would have ruled this summer no doubt


    Hello, my name is Daniel and I recently replied to some discussion threads on this website. I am 16 years old and I am an avid fan of anything science fiction, fantasy, and classical music. I enjoy talking to you guys and respect your opinions. I hope that these discussions will continue to repect the opinions of others. And thank you for reading this.

    Only remotely exciting? Look, from one Spiderman fan to another, I tell you that AOTC is not as bad as you guys say it is. First of all, it is a great improvement from TPM and it offers some of the best effects the best (ILM) can offer. There are many engaging sequences and definately not as boring as TPM. Plus, people are wondering HOW everything got to where they are in Episode IV. The story to be told here is hardly a skeleton. They call it a BACKSTORY for the purpose of explaining the condition of the Star Wars universe before Luke Skywalker. Lucas could have easily made another trilogy that follows the storyline after ROTJ. There is plenty we don’t know and yes, people do give a crap for the characters, for they are mentioned and personified in the original trilogy. And although they are not as identifiable as Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, they do command the “concern” of the audience.

    I am not saying that AOTC is better than Spiderman. In fact, I think Spiderman is better than AOTC in some ways, including the fact that since Spiderman is a fresh story, not one that is twenty-five years old, it has great continuity, and unlike the Star Wars pictures, it doesn’t have to worry about going back in time. And as I said before, “They both employ a dark aspect to something generally viewed as bright: the superhero and the fantastic legend. They both are stories that has caught and still catches the imaginations of millions of people worldwide.”

    AOTC and Star Wars in general employ multiple storylines in which the audience can find a rich, comprehensive tale. It is not all special effects, and in AOTC, the primary concern is character and storyline development. They do not conflict with one another nor detract from the storytelling experience.

    There is absolutely no problem with Spiderman and I too disagree that there are “as much bad as good” aspects of the film. It is the best comic book movie since Batman or even Superman and its modern humanistic spin on the superhero provides a fresh perspective on an old concept. But what really makes this film great is the score. None other than Danny Elfman could explain the multi-faceted wonder that is Spiderman in the universal language of music.

    In my personal opinion, Star Wars Episode II, Spiderman, and perhaps The Two Towers will go down as the best films of 2002. So I guess its both lightsabers and webslingers, people.


    Hello. JUST got back from seeing Spider-Man for the first time, and I was thoroughly entertained. The acting was very believable on all counts, and of course the music was wonderful. Opening titles were not AS Awesome as some on here have raved, but they were good. Romantic and action dialogue was not AS bad as some on here have complained.

    Special effects: On and off. The overhead shot of Peter leaping from building to building was HORRIBLY obvious computer generation, while other shots were so good I can’t prove they were effects, but must simply ASSUME.

    When the end credits started rolling, I was in ecstacy as Elfman’s music dominated…for 30 seconds. Then I was ready to cry as that CRAP they call music replaced it for the rest of the scroll. Sigh…

    Anyway, I liked Spiderman. It merits at least ONE viewing by anyone who likes comic books, action movies, Raimi’s work, and/or Elfman’s music. (But as I am probably the last person to finally see it, you all already know everything I just said.)


    I’ll admit that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Star Wars fan – trilogy, TPM or AOTC. It just isn’t…hm, I don’t know…for lack of a better phrase, “dark” enough for me. I’m talking about the setting. I like really dark, sometimes goofy stuff (In my opinion, “Beetlejuice” is a perfect marriage of the two elements – darkness and goofiness). There was just enough “heroism” in the Star Wars pics for me to dislike the Lucas offerings. I can’t really say any preference of one over the other (Spidey or AOTC) because they were both fairly saturated in “heroic action packed summer blockbuster” (non-musical) themes. I don’t do well with pics where there’s one guy – or girl – whom everyone’s supposed to love and root for…that’s just not me.

    My favorite movie is “Welcome to the Dollhouse.” That’s one heck of a depressing, dark movie – and I love every minute of it :)

    I’m not a person who enjoys being depressed, it’s just that I don’t like to be told which characters to like…and I guess I got that feeling from “Spider-man” and “AOTC.” I’m not trying to slam either one, just stating my opinion. I know, I know, it’s very cynical, but well…that’s my current state of mind right now. Please accept my apologies for making you read this… Later.



    You’re not the only one who liked Welcome to the Doll House. Strength in numbers, my friend! ;-)

    Do yourself a favor, though, and only watch “Happiness” on half a tank of Prozac… god only knows I was this far away from slitting my wrists after diving into THAT one!

    As for Star Wars and Spiderman… I like dark stuff too, more than anything — but we all gotta have some fun SOMETIME. I mean, Raimi’s Evil Dead II and the incredibly underrated comic book-esque masterpiece, Darkman, are a blast of DARK wit. Empire was dark, and Jedi had its brooding moments (I still like surprising Elfman-only fans by playing the choral sections of that score and listening to them gawk, “Jesus! That’s from Star Wars!?”). I loved Spiderman — particularly the conflicted villian (gotta love that scene where he talks to himself by the fireplace). My favorite, though, is still Catwoman from Batman Returns — very schizo, very twisted, very… yummy.

    The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones I could have lived without, though. But that’s just me, I guess.

    Peace Love and all that Jazz. . .


    Tex –

    Aha – yes, I LOVED Catwoman :) And I’d have to go with Army of Darkness for the best dark-yet-hilarious movie I’ve watched in a long, long time. (I know, I just got around to watching it – I”m pretty bad about staying current on those things). Although I started to think that there was something severely wrong with me, as I started laughing hysterically when Ash cut off his hand with the chainsaw, and everybody else (well…the two drama teachers I work with) didn’t even chuckle! Oh well, like I said, it’s just my morbid sense of humor lately ;)

    I’m not sure if this was the reaction Raimi – it was Raimi who directed Darkman, right? – was looking for or not, but I laughed all the way through Darkman. If that’s not what he had intended, then I do feel a bit odd, but really, I found the entire thing to be pretty darn funny – in a sadistic sort of way.

    Yes, if I could cough up the $5 to go see Spider-man again, I would – just to see Willem Defoe do that whole mirror monologue scene again – fantastic!!! I’d still say his “best” role is in “Shadow of the Vampire” – God that was great…but then, there was also “The Boondock Saints” – very sick, very twisted, very…Defoe, in my opinion.

    I think I’ve gotten so used to dark movies that I’m developing a sort of desensitization to “campy violence.” Like “Sleepy Hollow” — the first time I watched it, I was absolutely horrified by all the decapitation, and for the simple need to unite the film and the score, I ended up buying the VHS, and watched it so much that 1) the tape got all fuzzy, and 2)I started laughing at the end — and we’re not talking chuckling, we’re talking outright, gasping-for-air laughing…I’m not sure how much was planned on the part of Burton, and how much is just a product of my currently sick, usually twisted mindset (My all-time favorite novel is “Lolita” — enough said).



    The thing is, although some outright depressing dark movies are great, the ones that are truly dark are those that seem bright. Take AOTC for example. One generally thinks of Star Wars as an adventurous romp through the galaxy, like in The Phantom Menace. But in AOTC and Empire, the mere contrast from their precursors in terms of plot structure and character development makes them ultimately more depressing than a film that starts out that way.

    Spider-man is another great example of this. It begins as an adventure, as Peter Parker explores his new-found powers. But it later darkens with the appearance of the Green Goblin and his subsequent death and funeral.

    A dark movie is only as dark as the viewer perceives it, and sometimes a huge contrast may affect the viewer more than a no contrast, begins-dark film. This is true for almost anything. For example, do you feel the affect of riding in a car at 90 mph when it accelerates to 90 mph or when it’s at 90 mph? Of course, you would feel the effects of 90 mph when you are quickly accelerating from a lower speed because you can actually feel the physical force of acceleration, not velocity.


    Spiderman–I’m obsessed with comics, it was directed by Sam Raimi, and scored by Danny Elfman. I really don’t think much else needs to be explained!

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