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    That’s right. I did a search tonight on that hideous thing called Kazaa (maybe the worst p2p file sharing thingy ever invented) and found some Elfman tracks from MIB II, namely “Worms Lounge” and “Chop Chop”. It’s not easy to find – I did another search shortly after and it simply didn’t return any results. I did a third search and it showed “Titles Revisited”, but I couldn’t download it… And when I did another search, again it didn’t return anything. That’s Kazaa, folks! Always a lot of suspense! Will the song turn up now? Here it is… Oh, no it’s not… Here it is… Nope, it’s not… Wonderful creation, Kazaa. Anyway, I’m downloading “Worms Lounge”, the first track from MIB II… That’s the only one I managed to download. Hope you guys have more luck. I ordered the CD from Amazon, anyway…


    John Mullin, who wrote the great SPIDER-MAN review for MFADP, sent this info over:

    01. Worm Lounge #1 (Worms In Black) 5’58
    02. Logo 0’22
    03. Titles 5’01
    04. Big Jeff 2’25
    05. Headquarters 1’52
    06. Chop-Chop 1’59
    07. Heart Thump 1’50
    08. Customs 0’51
    09. Hunting for K 1’40
    10. J Nabbed / K’s Back 2’20
    11. The Real Story 1’41
    12. Sleuthing 2’20
    13. The Defense Begins 2’47
    14. The Chase 3’22
    15. The Light 5’43
    16. The Finale 0’18
    17. Worm Lounge #2 3’08
    18. Titles Revisited 2’54
    19. I Will Survive – Tim Blaney 3’00
    20. Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head) – Will Smith 4’20

    Music Written and Produced by Danny Elfman
    Score Conducted by Pete Anthony
    Supervising Orchestrator: Steve Bartek
    Orchestrations by Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, David Slonaker and Bruce Fowler
    Additional Orchestrations by Mark Mann
    Score Recorded and Mixed by Dennis Sands
    Music Editor and Digital Editing: Bill Abbott
    MIDI Supervision / Choral Conducting by Marc Mann

    Score recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios.



    “maybe the worst p2p file sharing thingy ever invented”

    maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t find anything :D


    Finding stuff in Kazaa is a question of luck, really. I just found the track “Worms in Black” and I sometimes find others, but whenever I try to download them the stupid message “More sources needed” appears and I simply can’t download a thing. Plus, sometimes at the exact same time I can find a file which other people can’t and vice-versa. Anyway, “Worms in Black” is a delight… Remember the “Martian Lounge” track from “Mars Attacks”? It’s a bit like that, but using the already classic “MIB” theme. It’s really a fresh and funny new way to hear the theme! A bit like MIB meets Austin Powers. I wonder if Elfman used any Boingo musicians on this one (like he used on “To Die For”), since the beginning of this theme sounds a bit like ska and brought back Boingo memories… This can be the best Elfman soundtrack since “Sleepy Hollow”. This track sounds incredibly cool, imaginative and sophisticated. And if the rest is just like this, I guess this will be one addictive CD!


    Nuno, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the score. You hit the nail on the head, buddy. It sounds like it’s gonna be a pretty damn good score.


    kazaa really sucks, if you want good file sharings, then try audiogalaxy, you find even the most hard to find things there (dolores claiborne, black beauty, mars attacks, you name it)
    it’s so much better than kazaa

    -Alonso (we are watching foooooooooox) Vences


    hmmm… i think audiogalaxy died alonso…


    yes, and it took me a week to really realize that… :(


    yeah, it also took me another week to find out…. well it WAS the best


    Man, too bad they got canned, dude…they had better sources for downloads.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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