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    Does anyone know if Elfman is part of the new MIB reboot that’s coming out this summer?
    Apparently, no one appears as a composer yet…



    I doubt it honestly. I even doubt they will bring back any of his themes…



    Actually Men In Black International is more of a spin off than a reboot. Emma Thompson even returns as Agent O. Anyways I don’t think Elfman will return as composer because I’ve heard Rick Baker didn’t return to do the make up either. Don’t know if it was either because Baker wasn’t approached or interested. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Gray avoids hiring Elfman as well.



    Hasn’t Rick Baker retired?

    The first trailer used a bit of Elfman’s theme. His next (announced) movie isn’t due out until 2020 as Dumbo was recorded in October. I think it’s possible that he’s back.



    Correct Baker announced his retirement about four years ago, but I’m still skeptical about Sony and Gray bringing Elfman on board.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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