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    Elfman recorded…something with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic this month. Elfman previously recorded his percussion concerto with them last summer.

    Danny Elfman Recordings with RLPO!

    It mentions a concert work called ‘Are You Lost?’, which, after a bit of digging, seems to be an eight-minute piece that was recorded in August of last month, too.

    It’s clumsily written, but it seems to imply that the percussion concerto, Wunderkammer and this “Are You Lost?” thing will be released together.



    My first concerto was written for violinist Sandy Cameron. She had been besieging me for ages to write a duet for violin and voice. I finally relented on the condition that we add a piano and make it a trio. While talking about the project with two composer friends we all decided to write for the same trio for a collaborative project which will be called, appropriately, “Trio”. When I began discussing the possibility of recording the concerto and Wunderkammer with Sony Classical they suggested that I include something that had never been performed. It was then I decided to take one of the 4 moments I’d written for “Trio” and to both expand and adapt it for choir and full orchestra. Thus, the origins of “Are You Lost?”

    From the Amazon preorder link for the CD.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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