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    La-La-Land announced good news for us !
    First :

    “Going on sale next Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 12 pm pst


    Limited Edition of 3000 Units

    RETAIL PRICE: $49.98

    In honor of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. and WEA proudly present THE DANNY ELFMAN BATMAN COLLECTION: BATMAN / BATMAN RETURNS: LIMITED EDITION (4-CD SET). Batman swoops back into La-La Land with this thrilling re-issue of our previously out-of-print deluxe editions of Danny Elfman’s classic, original scores to the Tim Burton-directed BATMAN (1989) and BATMAN RETURNS (1992), presented together for the first time! While the programs presented on these discs are the same as found on our acclaimed initial releases, BATMAN (1989) has been overseen by producer Neil S. Bulk and newly remastered by James Nelson from recently unearthed score elements, resulting in better sound quality. (BATMAN RETURNS is the same master as our previous release.) Produced by Neil S. Bulk, Dan Goldwasser and MV Gerhard, this special release of 3000 units features gorgeous, completely re-designed packaging by Jim Titus. The 48-page booklet carries over the liner notes from our previous editions. The populace of Gotham would agree – this is one knockout presentation of two iconic scores from a legendary Dynamic Duo in its own right… Tim Burton and Danny Elfman!”

    I suppose most of us already have the two scores, but for thouse who don’t it’s a very good thing, seing the price of the out-of-print editions.

    And then :

    “Going on sale next Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 12 pm pst

    Music by Danny Elfman

    Limited Edition of 2500 Units

    RETAIL PRICE: $19.98

    La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment proudly present the remastered and expanded re-issue of acclaimed composer Danny Elfman’s (BIG EYES, BATMAN RETURNS, BATMAN, PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE) original score to Paramount Pictures’ 1988 follow-up to the classic PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, BIG TOP PEE-WEE, starring Paul Reubens, Penelope Ann Miller and Kris Kristofferson, and directed by Randall Kleiser. Composer Elfman re-unites with Paul Reubens to bring Pee-wee to life in exciting new environment — a bold circus milieu. Exciting, charming and beautiful all at once, the score marks an important chapter in the evolution of Elfman’s astounding career. Produced for La-La Land Records by Dan Goldwasser, Produced for Sony Music Entertainment by Didier C. Deutsch and remastered by Noah Scot Synder this expanded release is limited to 2500 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Tim Greiving, showcasing an all-new interview comments from the film’s star, co-producer and co-writer, Paul Reubens, director Randall Kleiser and orchestrator Steve Bartek. Big top art design comes courtesy of Dan Goldwasser.


    1. Paramount Fanfare*/Main Title 1:32
    2. The Girl on the Flying Trapeze 2:04
    Performed by Pee-wee Herman
    3. Pee-wee Flies/Happy House/Pee-wee Herman Had a Farm 1:41
    “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” – Traditional, arr. Steve Bartek
    Performed by Pee-wee Herman and Vance the Pig
    4. Rise ’n Shine** 2:59
    5. The Greenhouse/Date Book #1, 2 & 3* [contains material not used in
    film] 1:01
    6. Sneaky Walk/Race to School 1:04
    7. Paparazzi* [unused]/Winnie’s Hair*/Mud* [unused]/Race to the Store* 0:53
    8. The Big Storm 1:42
    9. After the Storm*/Pee-wee to the Rescue/Lion Problems 1:52
    10. Where’s Midge?/Lion Tag* 0:32
    11. Circus Parade 0:57
    12. Sad Drive Home 1:16
    13. Circus in the House 1:20
    14. Zsa Zsa*/Happy Circus 1:31
    15. Zsa Zsa’s Delight/Pee-wee’s Inspiration*/Hot Dog Tree*
    [unused]/Mace’s Inspiration*/Pee-wee’s Flower* 1:38
    16. Elephant Ride 1:02
    17. Idyll* 0:47
    18. Clouds* [contains material not used in film] 1:06
    19. The Big Kiss* (film version) [contains material not used in film] 2:31
    20. Rejection 0:46
    21. Mace’s Speech/Busy Circus*/Square Dance* 2:30
    22. Man to Man/Psycho Winnie 1:20
    23. Winnie and the Italians* 0:34
    24. Rimprovero 1:04
    Performed by Pee-wee Herman
    Traditional, arr. Steve Bartek
    25. I Llove You 0:33
    26. Pee-wee Tries/Elephant*/Pee-wee Tries Again/Town Spies 3:34
    27. The Side Show 1:28
    28. Pee-wee’s Love Theme 2:42
    29. Shrinking Weenies*/Big Top* 0:52
    30. Angry Mob/The Show’s Off*/Idea* 1:12
    31. Transformation 1:08
    32. Big Top Finale 3:22
    Performed by Pee-wee Herman and The Big Top Company
    Lyrics by Paul Reubens, George McGrath and Randal Kleiser
    33. Pee-wee’s Big Surprise 2:25
    includes “Tequila” by Chuck Rio; published by Careers BMG Music
    Publishing, Inc. (BMI) / EMI Longitude Music Co. (BMI)
    34.End Credits 3:02

    35. Idyll (alternate) 0:45
    36. The Big Kiss (album version) 2:31
    37. Big Top Finale (instrumental) 3:24
    38. Pee-wee’s Big Surprise (alternate) 2:27
    39. The Girl on the Flying Trapeze (instrumental) 2:07

    * previously unreleased
    ** contains previously unreleased material”

    I’ll take this one, of course…Hoping they suppressed the dialogues that were present in the first edition of this soundtrack.


    Very cool !


    Ordered Pee Wee, I’ve only heard a few minutes of this one so I’m excited. We’ll see about the Batman set, it would be my forth copy of the first score.

    Wonder what’s next? We know Midnight Run is coming sometime… Hoping some label can give Family Man a proper release and I’d love an expanded Dolores Claiborne if that’s even on Varese’s radar.


    I’ll order Pee-Wee soon. It’s a good score, but the first album presentation was terrible, so I’ll definitely get the La-La-Land one.
    for Batman, it depends if the increased quality of sound is really consequent…

    Like you, I’d love to see an official release of The Family Man, and an extended one of Dolores Claiborne (even if there are problems of rights with this one, as far as I know). i’d also be very happy in a proper release of Dead presidents…


    Big Top Pee Wee is currently on sale for 14.99. Regular price is 19.99. So now is a good time to get it! Can’t wait to listen to this score without all of the dialogue clips…!


    Pee Wee ordered !
    Any of you have got news about the release of Rabbit and Rogue ? There were rumors about it being recorded some monthes ago, and since nothing, as far as I know


    Forgot how fun the Big Top score was! Hope to see more expanded Elfman scores and some of the missing few that aren’t on disc in the future! LaLaLand is an Elfman Oasis!


    Are the additional tracks good ?

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