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    I know I could’ve asked this at the Terminator Salvation sticky threads, but nobody’s posted there since September. My question was about the truth about how much music Elfman composed for T4 b/c the movie is 115mins and the directors cut is two minutes longer than the theatrical cut according to the back of the DVDs. So is it true that Danny wrote 140 minutes of music ? Could you give some specifics about the 140 minutes of music like if he wrote alternate cues etc. ? I’m very curious about that.



    Danny recorded 1:42:25 worth of music for the film. I don’t know specifically which cues were left out of the film (I’d have to watch it again). The only cues with alternates are the opening (“Marcus’ Death” – my guess was the opening of the film was recut and Elfman’s two cues were shortened) and “Marcus Decides” (one with Fiedel’s TERMINATOR theme and one without.)



    Thanks . Very interesting.Sorry it took me two weeks to reply. Been too busy to check the internet. Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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