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    Spider-Fan, I’m sure you’ll find this interesting, as well.

    I’ve recently found out, courtesy of the Elfman Zone boards, that there is a bootleg of the entire Spider-Man 1 score. Here’s a tracklisting:

    1. Main Title (3:30)
    2. Museum* (1:09)
    3. Transformations (3:30)
    4. Something’s Different (1:16)
    5. Spiderman Sensations* (0:14)
    6. First Web (0:55)
    7. Getting Through (2:03)
    8. Costume Montage (1:19)
    9. Norman Gets The Boot* (0:27)
    10. Father & Son* (0:18)
    11. Revenge (6:13)
    12. Alone (1:37)
    13. City Montage (1:49)
    14. Moondance* (0:46)
    15. Photographing Spiderman* (0:41)
    16. City Stinger* (0:14)
    17. Parade Attack (5:04) (film version)*
    18. Specter of the Goblin (2:07) (film version)*
    19. Chatting On The Roof* (3:04)
    20. Hint, Trouble, Kiss* (3:19)

    1. Fire* (2:48)
    2. Drop Of Blood* (0:50)
    3. The Clue* (1:11)
    4. Norman’s Troubles* (1:29)
    5. Hard Nipples* (2:11)
    6. Revelation (2:31)
    7. On The Bridge* (1:48)
    8. The Rescue* (4:40)
    9. Final Confrontation (4:18) (film version)*
    10. Farewell (3:11)
    11. End Credits (1:50)

    Alternative Tracks
    12. Specter Of The Goblin (3:45)
    13. Parade Attack (3:53)
    14. Final Confrontation (7:18)

    Bonus Material
    15. Spiderman Suite* (13:04)
    16. Pompeii – Trailer Music (3:38)

    *unreleased tracks

    Here are a couple covers also:

    Spider-Man is my favorite score period so far. Does anyone know anything about this, and (I know it’s a bootleg, I know it’s wrong)…how do I get it?!


    Could we can get this bootleg on elfmanzone ?


    Ahhhhh thank you!!! Now, I must search for a copy. I’ve always loved the cues that never made the CD, especially “Fire” and whichever cue plays in the part omitted from “Final Confrontation.” It would also be cool if an extended “Charlie adn the Chocolate Factory” score surfaced or got released, I’ve watched it three times since getting the DVD and there’s so much good music that isn’t on the CD.

    Ryan Keaveney

    This isn’t the complete score. The first wall climbing cue is missing for one.



    Kinda looks that way, doesn’t it? Unfortunate, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

    Ryan Keaveney

    Additionally, the “Spider-Man Suite” is a piss-poor, fan-made suite used to pad out this set. Minus the suite, there is a little more than 34 minutes of extra music here.

    Here are some highlights, because I’m sooo generous… ;)

    “City Stinger / Fire / Photographing Spider-Man / The Rescue / Spider Sensations”

    Please don’t directly link to this file on other msg. boards, thank you!


    Edward Bloom

    Thanks Ryan !

    I have that cd but even though there is obviously much more music than on the official score cd, it’s far from being complete. In fact, all the best parts are missing : the first climbing, the rescue of the kid in the parade scene or the wonderful presentation of the Spidey theme when the cop is trying to arrest him in the fire scene.
    My guess is that this is a copy made before the final mix; it was Elfman’s previous ideas that he had to change during the process. So, it’s still rather interesting, ’cause with that, we can actually see how his music can evolve; but if you’re looking for something that would be close to an isolated dvd track, then you’ll be disappointed.


    Hooray!!! All hail Ryan!!! Thanks a ton to everyone who’s brought this expanded score out in the open! It’s interesting to note how different the cues are from the ones in the movie. I like the changes he made for the final cut.


    Wow. Ryan, you’re awesome.

    Just one thing, how come it seems like people have had this for a while and no one talked about it?


    Good Lord, I can only recognize just a little of that score from the film. Was part of that cut? Great, great stuff. Thanks, Ryan.

    If you have anything more like that, please share. (We’re a greedy bunch.)


    Does anyone still have those cues to share?

    Ryan Keaveney

    This thread is 15 years old! 😂



    By the way, does anyone know what happened to the Elfman Zone website/board?

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