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    OK, has anyone else seen this movie? It is so freakin’ awesome! It’s so funny you’ll double over laughing, and the songs are great. They have to be, from the exciting “America, Fuck Yeah!” to the heart-melting “I’m So Ronery.” Harry Gregson-Williams also managed to write a very cool score for the movie, at times borrowing his own additional music from “Armageddon.” You all gotta see this movie, no matter what side you lean towards. They have an explanation of political views that makes perfect sense to all. Sorry that this isn’t Elfman-related, but I must get the word out about this awesome movie!


    It is unrelated.

    But the movie kicks serious ass. :-)

    I want the soundtrack SOOOOO badly!!


    Actually the soundtrack is on iTunes and I have it. A few of Gregson-Williams’s tracks even sound Elfmanesque, mainly the second half of the track “Kim Jong-Il.” Also I found some very emotional music in the track “F.A.G.” (which in the movie stands for Film Actors Guild). This part seems to be much like his emotional “Goodbye Independence” track in Armageddon, and it kinda moves me despite the humorous tone in the movie.


    I didn’t double-over laughing, but did get a few good laughs from the movie. Certainly runs out of steam before the final reel.



    Well I DID double over in laughter a couple of times.
    Especially the regurgitation scene (the comic beat that it hit for me was perfect)!
    The Pearl Harbor song had me rolling in the aisles (almost literally).

    They really nailed the Bruckheimer movie style – and with puppets no less!


    I keep listening to the score part of the soundtrack more and more and I keep thinking how more and more relevant this topic is becoming. There are some parts of the score that seem to be very close to Danny’s recent action scores. I would say that if you mixed the Spider-Man 2 score with the Armageddon score, you’d have the Team America score. It’s really much better than it ever needed to be, especially considering it was literally written last-minute by Harry Gregson-Williams. Still, the Trey/Matt songs are awesome. “I’m So Ronery” might get an Oscar nomination, seriously.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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