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    Any thoughts ? What score are you anticipating this year ?



    Just one on that list :)



    Looking forward to hearing what Giacchino does with Star Trek.

    Also The Wolf Man, obviously.



    Agreed. Michael Giacchino has quickly risen to become one of my favorite composers. While I didn’t love his score for “Mission: Impossible III”, I loved what he did with “Speed Racer”, so I trust he can give us another solid adaptation. I’m also psyched for his score for “Up” simply because everything he does with Pixar is gold.

    Also agreed on “Wolf Man”. It’s right up Elfman’s alley and has the potential to go back to “Sleepy Hollow” territory, which I love. It’s just a shame that it got pushed back to November — argh!

    The rest of that list is so-so to me. Amazing that Alan Silvestri is on there for “G.I. Joe”, something I’d be more excited for if his sound hadn’t become as repetitive as it has of late. Plus, the guy’s scoring “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. Nuff said.



    They didn’t mention 9 or Coraline, both of which I’m more excited for. In my opinion some of the best scores being written anymore tend to be for animated films. They contain the kind of energy and excitement that used to be in live action scores. Elfman seems to be the only one I can think of who puts as much into his live action scores and even then they aren’t as phenomenal as his music was in his heyday. But great is still better than derivative {cough*Remote Control* cough}.



    I loved what he did with “Speed Racer”, so I trust he can give us another solid adaptation.

    He does do a lot of adaptation, doesn’t he? I just hope that his Star Trek music sounds less like Horner than his Incredibles music sounded like Barry — a good, but nonetheless, derivative score.



    I just hope Star Trek is nothing close to Goldsmith… Elfman didn’t do Goldsmith for Planet of the Apes.. so I guess Giacchino shouldn’t either



    I still think it would be pretty nifty for Elfman to do a Star Trek.



    Nah, Giacchino very much has his own distinct style. It comes out with everything he does.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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