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    Yeah, I don’t get it really. Sure there is the money question but having the sequel handed to a close collaborator is far from unusual. Nobody would have cared if it was publicized as co-composed.

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    The Grinch

    1. The Big Opening – Elfman
    2. Going to Town – Elfman
    3. Jaunty Kitchen – Elfman
    4. Mailing a Letter – Elfman
    5. It’s Better This Way – Elfman
    6. Northward Bound – Elfman
    7. Christmas in Whoville – Elfman/Bacon (Bacon helped with ‘Catapult’, but the bulk of the cue on album is by Elfman)
    8. Lost Lonely Boy – Elfman
    9. Welcome Song/Forlorn – Elfman
    10. To the Fort – Elfman
    11. Dog Tongue – Elfman
    12. Walking Toward Destiny – Elfman
    13. Loudest Snow – Elfman
    14. Puppy Eyes – Elfman
    15. Command Centre – Elfman
    16. Grinch’s Wild Ride – Elfman
    17. Kids Can’t Sleep – Elfman
    18. Stealing Christmas – Elfman
    19. Taking the Bait – Elfman/Bacon
    20. It’s My Fault – Elfman
    21. Welcome Christmas – Elfman
    22. An Apology – Elfman
    23. First Christmas – Elfman
    24. Big Finale – Elfman

    Bacon handled a few other minor cues and some of the background Christmas music. Couldn’t find anything on Lindgren’s involvement.




    Chris Bacon did some arranging on ‘Breakout’ and ‘Soaring Suite’, and Lindgren did some arranging on the ‘Rescuing the Farriers’ cue. The rest is all Elfman.



    Nooo, not Soaring Suite.

    Anyway, I always love those kind of details ddddeeee, thank you…



    No problem.

    Bacon and Lindgren are just credited with arrangements, so based on other credits for other scores, Elfman is probably responsible for 85-90% of those three cues. It’s impossible to tell because Bacon is also with BMI. But, for example, Deborah Lurie is credited for ‘additional arrangements’ for Alice, and she is credited for 13% of a track. I might be wrong, but I assume in these cases that Elfman writes a cue, the edit changes, and the other guys rejig the cue so it fits the new edit.

    Elfman’s not shy about giving either of these guys ‘additional music’ credit, so their roles must have been relatively minor.

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