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    Happy 25th Anniversary to Danny Elfman’s Batman score. I have no idea when the CD (and cassette tape) were made available to the public, but the movie premiered 25 years ago today (June 23rd) so that’s when everyone got to experience Elfman’s score for the first time. And let’s also be honest. Most people over 30 years of age became fans of Danny Elfman because of this score and movie. So this isn’t a simple celebration. It’s also a celebration of the Elfman fandom.


    That Main Title changed my life in a way. I think musically at least. I still think it’s one of the most perfect piece written both in terms of melody and orchestrations. I still discover new things even though I must I’ve heard a thousand times (and it’s not expression).

    As of now, Danny Elfman’s music is the only one I still purchase on CD; it might sound trivial but nowadays, it means something.

    I hope we got many more years of his talent down our ears.


    Vintage TV Interview promoting Danny Elfman’s score being released on CD/tape:

    Ryan Keaveney

    I want to say it was released in September, 1989. Prince’s album was in stores the second week of July.


    Prince’s album was released in the United States on June 20th (3 days before the movie). And Danny Elfman’s album was released on August 8th (6 weeks after the movie debut in theaters).

    Ryan P

    The Finale still gets me every time. A perfect swelling Superhero score as we pan up to Batman on a Gothic Cathedral, complete with church bells. Amazing.
    Here’s hoping it will get played live in Anaheim.


    It was THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS that made me an Elfman fan, but BATMAN was a fairly early discovery too.


    Happy 30th! I’ve noticed a few articles here and there, but was especially fascinated by this article about Prince’s “inspired by” soundtrack. While there’s no mention of Jon Peters’ insane concept to have Michael Jackson/Prince/George Michaels do Batman/Joker/Vicki Vale themes respectively and then have Elfman tie it all together, it does discuss how Prince’s manager/director at the time Albert Magnoli suggested Prince do his own thing then submit songs to Tim Burton to select for the film a la carte fashion.

    “Some of the songs were half-finished songs from other projects that he realized that if he changed the lyric, that could be [fit the film]. So there was a whole kind of synergy where he just sat with the songs and worked them.” Although Prince found inspiration in both the content and themes of Burton’s film, Magnoli said he was surprised when he learned that the filmmaker, who had used Prince’s earlier songs “1999” and “Baby I’m a Star” as placeholders in a rough cut of the film, intended to use some of the new songs on screen. “‘Partyman’ sprang forth based on the antics of Jack Nicholson as the Joker, and we were told that they would use it in the film, which wasn’t our plan at all,” he says.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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