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    I still have them actually, I could share them with you guys. Maybe I’ll work on updated versions of better quality…


    That’d be great!



    James Horner on why he didn’t return for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: “It was just dreadful”

    During an interview with James Horner Film Music (via CBR), composer James Horner has revealed why he opted against returning to score this year’s superhero sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2, stating that the movie “ended up being so terrible” that he simply didn’t want to do it.

    “[Director Marc Webb] was very inexperienced and he and I had a very good relationship and the producers had their own opinion. And they didn’t want his input. And then Sony had their own, they just wanted action. To me, the whole thing about doing the first movie was I liked the director and there was a chance to write something for the two lead characters and then she dies in the next movie. But the next movie ended up being so terrible, I didn’t want to do it. It was just dreadful.”


    He also praises Elfman’s orchestrator saying he “deserves a lot of credit” or something along those lines. James of course has always used orchestrators, ghost writers and the temp track liberally ;)


    Spider-Man 2 train scene

    Chris Young and Danny Elfman side-by-side

    Score only. No sound effects or dialogue.

    I think it’s obvious that this scene was tough to score and there was probably more music than necessary.


    Young sounds nothing like Elfman so it’s just so jarring. I love Young. I love all the original stuff he did in Spider-Man 3 but when he’s aping Elfman it just sounds off. That choral version of the Doc Ock theme especially.

    Tbf the movie has the love theme play over an Aunt May scene so it’s not the worst offence.


    I think that the reuse of electronic stuff from Reveng of SM1 during the beginning of the fight isn’t that great and needed indeed to be reworked somehow. However, everything after that is just miles ahead of Young’s proposition.But I agree that what we got is not the worst that happened with that score, by far.

    Great video though, much better than the one I did…like man, more than 10 years ago already.


    ddddeeee Wrote:

    > Young sounds nothing like Elfman

    Considering the circumstances, I think he did okay. When I watched the movie in theaters, back in 2004, I didn’t even realize that wasn’t Danny Elfman. In fact, the ONLY scene that seemed odd was the Hellraiser-esque music right before Doc Ock becomes Doc Ock. I remember a lot of geeks on the Internet were scratching their head and wondering why Danny Elfman ripped off Hellraiser. That was before any of us knew that Chris Young had worked on the movie. In fact, I don’t think I knew Chris Young worked on Spider-Man 2 until I got the DVD for Christmas and saw his name on the end credits. I don’t remember Ryan or anyone here mentioning Chris Young until Spider-Man 3 rolled around.

    DannyBiker Wrote:

    > Great video though, much better than the one I
    > did…like man, more than 10 years ago already.

    Time flies! I remember your video had the music in different spots. If I recall correctly, you didn’t use the Spider-Man 2 CD. You had the leaked score. That could explain why your music is slightly different. I know Danny Elfman tends to make small alterations for the album.


    Yes indeed, I was using the track from the official album and had to make some edits here and there.
    Reading the first pages of this thread brings a lot of memories…


    Little late (old thread!) but saw this in a Washington Post article ranking the SPIDER-MAN movies:

    “Alfred Molina gives a compelling performance as classic Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus and composer Danny Elfman, with an assist from superstar comic artist Alex Ross in the opening credits and some fun-to-watch skyscraper web-swinging at movie’s end, gives us one of the greatest superhero movie scores ever.” – David Betancourt


Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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