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    Ryan Keaveney

    If you managed to snag Omni Publishing’s EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, lucky you — but if you missed out, here’s your chance to get the full written film score for the greatest achievement in film music… BATMAN.

    “Another classic from Elfman! This score has been expertly engraved and handsomely bound. Contents include all 51 music cues from the film, several of which were written but never included in the final cut. Also included are a contents page, instrumentation list, and an exclusive interview with the composer about different aspects of this particular film-scoring process. A new feature is a short description along the top staff of key moments in the scene, which details how the music captures the drama of the film.
    »364 pages. 9×12 inches. Paperbound, printed in U.S.A.”


    Ryan Keaveney

    I got my copy today. Now, if only I could read music like a composer… :)


    Man, I wish I could read music. That’s a beauty.


    Made it through the first 100 pages with the lalaland release and it’s a lot more eclectic than I thought. After going through the whole thing I’ll listen to the tracks again by themselves and jot down some spots that I want to check out, then revisit the score in those places.

    I’ve loved the releases of this sheet music and understand that Omni has Matrix coming soon…
    If there was another Elfman release, what should it be? Something like “Nightmare Before Christmas” seems doable, but my personal pick would be for HULK or BIG FISH.


    Ryan Keaveney

    I’d love another shot at EDWARD, I missed out. I wonder what HULK would be like with all the prelays. BATMAN RETURNS could be next.

    Mr. Dantz

    Would LOVE to have this, but RETURNS would be awesome. To me, it’s a much better score.


    Would love to but a 93 € final price coming from $85 ? What the… ? Does it ship with someone taking care of the package ??

    There’s no other retailer, I suppose…

    Ryan Keaveney

    Includes the latin/english translation of the choir part in “Descent Into Mystery.”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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