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    Ok guys. So here’s a little feedback from the Gala concert in Vienna.

    Danny arrived on the red carpet and took time to do several interviews. He shook hands with us and took time to talk and even accepted to take a picture with me.

    The first half of the concert was a series of suites from LaLaLand, Lion King, Narnia, Beauty and the beast, Finding Neverland, Life of Pi, Mulan, Final Fantasy 8. Interesting suites.

    Then, after the break, we got to hear brand new suites written by Elfman for the occasion.

    Spider-Man, the original main titles, with a slight different orchestration.

    Then a Medley, that started with Black Beauty, And faded to Milk, Men In Black and ended amazingly with Avengers. Great arrangements.

    Then we got a suite of Sommersby. Great new arrangement that ended up with the “country” theme, with a country band that played with the orchestra. Absolutely perfect.

    After that, we heard a great suite from The Wolfman. Very powerful.

    Then, they moved to the Burton repertoire.

    It started with the original Alice theme.

    BeetleJuice came next, with a great new arrangement. Without the intro. Straight into the main theme.

    Then, a few singers came on stage and performed an amazing version of This is Halloween.

    During Edward Scissorhands, two Ballet dancers were dancing between the seats, looking like Edward and Kim. Graceful.

    Batman and Batman returns. Again, a new suite. Shorter than the Burton/Elfman concerts.

    This part ended with a brand new suite for the Simpsons. A great suite of variations on the main theme. Specially written by Danny.
    Surprising, funny, and clever.

    The whole concert was synchronized to beautiful animations made for this concert, along with images from the movies. The lighting and the videos were simply perfect with the music.

    Then, Hollywood In Vienna organizer came on stage and did a beautiful speech about Elfman and read a message from Tim Burton, congratulating him on his award and thanking him for his music and friendship.
    Then, they screened a very moving video of Sam Raimi, telling how much he loves Danny, even if he knows Danny hated him for a couple years. He explained they’re both too passionate about their work, and how it’s thanks to Danny that he got passionate as well. He ended his speech by saying “I love you”.
    It was wonderful to hear this, specially after what they went through a few years ago.

    Finally, Danny came on stage to accept the award. He did a beautiful speech, and then proposed to sing.

    He sang “What’s this”. The beginning of the song was perfect, but when he got to the middle, his voice was barely audible. I think his emotions took over and he didn’t have enough breath to sing. It was actually very moving.

    He got several standing ovations.

    The whole evening was a success.

    Wonderful experience.

    I have many videos.

    I’ll put them together when I get back home and I’ll post it for you guys.

    I really wish you could have all been here to see this.

    Time for bed now.


    Boingomusic, sorry to hear that you misread the date for the get-together. We missed you!

    But if you were at the red carpet, we were standing almost next to each other without knowing. I was the first guy to interview him.


    A good friend sent me the Raimi video 😉

    It was quite awesome to see. We need videos of everything. Soon 🙂


    What did they play? What did you ask, Thor? Raimi video? When does this air?

    So many questions!


    Thor, then I know EXACTLY who you are !!!
    Man, I wish we could have talked to each other. I thik I’ve actually filmed parts of your interview with him !!!
    I’m uploading everything right now. So, you will have videos very soon.
    I didn’t film the whole concert because I really wanted to enjoy the live thing. I also knew that ORF will broadcast the whole event very soon on television. So, it’s just a matter of time before you can enjoy the full concert in high quality.

    For now, I have videos of the Red Carpet, a few moments from the concert, Sam Raimi’s speech, Tim Burton’s message, the Hollywood in Vienna team speech, and Danny’s acceptance speech.

    Just a few more hours to wait and it will be online !

    ddddeeee, there’s a review i wrote last night, just above. It describes the whole set list.


    Ah, I missed that. Sounds like a magical night.

    Seems like there’s no falling out with Burton too!


    That’s great to know, boingomusic! Looking forward to seeing your videos.

    I’ll assemble my brief interview bits with Elfman, Mauceri, Robert Townson and Sandra Tomek in a new webcast episode pretty soon.


    Here’s a video of all the bits I’ve filmed during the evening.

    The Sam Raimi speech is at 11 minutes.

    I made the video private so that it can’t be searched on YouTube.

    I wanted your thoughts on whether I should make it public or not. Knowing there’s going to be an official broadcast. Maybe it’s best to keep it as a private link. I don’t know…

    What do you guys think I should do?

    Enjoy the video :


    Love the cake video. We considered crashing backstage after the concert (where I presume this happened), but we opted not to. I didn’t want to be a nuissance/fanboy, and I have to keep my relationship with Vienna going. Also a great video by you, boingomusic (you caught the tailend of my interview in the beginning there). I have no idea about right issues in relation to showing clips from the actual concert, but there are thousands of these videos on Youtube, so I don’t see why yours are any different. Should be safe?

    Anyways, here’s a photo I just put out on Facebook from my red carpet session (only got about 2 minutes, but that will do for now):


    Excited to see Black Beauty, Milk and Sommersby performed.



    Thanks for the pictures and video (and I suggest you keep the video unlisted because I suspect it will be taken down if you make it public).

    I was present for the Thursday show. I loved everything about the concert itself, but I was a bit disappointed by Elfman himself. He only arrived once the second half had started (which meant meeting him in the intermission was impossible), and once the concert was over he rushed out the side door in a hoodie, barging past us. There were literally 4 of us waiting for a photo/autograph, and everyone else had graciously stopped to chat (both conductors, Lebo M, etc.). And even though he had a 5 minute wait for his car (his agent was hassling quite loudly for all to hear), he preferred to sit in a corridor, than spend those 5 minutes with us. Then when they told him the car had arrived, he barged right through us, completely ignoring the one guy who tried to stop him for an autograph.

    It’s my third Hollywood in Vienna concert, and in the past two years I was impressed by the humility and charm of both James Newton Howard and Alexandre Desplat. Not so much this time. Thankfully the concert itself was flawless.


    Wow, that sounds very different from what I saw on Friday, where he took his time on the red carpet, signed autographs etc. He was in a surprisingly good mood, and was also present for the first half of the concert (he seemed to like the FINAL FANTASY piece, in particular).


    Yeah it was great to see him react to other composers’ music !

    Camillu, I’m sorry you had such a disappointing experience. There probably was a reason why he acted like this.

    I’ve seen him many times, and he’s always been a gentleman.

    He spent the whole week in Vienna, going from rehearsals to master classes, and from interviews to lectures. I guess he needed some time for himself.

    His team is usually very nice and professional.
    I’ve seen and talked to Laura Engel several times and she’s always been nice. Although she can be very protective sometimes.

    I hope you’ll have another chance to see him.

    I remember one of the producers from the Burton / Elfman concert was very rude, several times, with a few fans. The rest of the team was actually shocked by the way he reacted.
    These things happen.


    And here’s my 30-minute concert report, including interviews with Elfman, Robert Townson, John Mauceri and Sandra Tomek:

    There’s a piece of exclusive news in it, but I’ll do a separate thread on that.


    Thank you for this nice interview Thor.
    Loved the questions and the way you put all this together.

    Thank you !


    Audio from Danny’s concert in Vienna.


    Does anyone have a scan of the program handed out the night of the concert?



    In the video above Danny’s part starts at 52:10 and goes for about an hour.


    Here’s also my English-language article, for anyone interested:

    9fingeredelf — I have the programme, but not a scan. I’ll see what I can do.



    Nice to hear a proper mix of this performance. Not sure about the ballet dancers though — hello, there’s amazing music playing, let’s not focus on the people hugging in the aisle! Danny looks so uncomfortable there. LOL.


    Hey, I feature in the opening red carpet segment!

    Will be nice to have this on some form of disc eventually, like with the Horner concert.

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