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    This would have been very high on a hypothetical list of things I never wanted to happen.


    Terrible news, whatever the truth is. 🙁


    Really surprised by the lack of conversation about this online (not just here).

    I wonder if this affects Elfman’s upcoming projects. If he gets kicked off Beetlejuice 2, he’s probably finished.


    Oh ffs…
    I kinda of thought of it sometimes while contemplating my CDs collection of his, “If the guy ends being a creep, I’ll look like an idiot”.

    Of course, he might be innocent but it doesn’t smell too good by the content of the article and I think the victim should always be believed first; so there’s no reason to think otherwise here.

    We’ll see what the coming weeks have in store but it’s probably the end of his career.

    I just don’t get why so many men feel the need to behave like that. And I am one.

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    I’m with you. Elfman’s response reads really badly. I can’t believe his people approved that.

    He has shows in the next week. We’ll see if they go ahead.

    Such an awful situation.

    Mr. Dantz

    I’m also surprised by the lack of conversation about this. The Variety article omits some details. Here’s the original Rolling Stone article:

    Keep in mind this article was written before Elfman had even received the lawsuit.

    I don’t know if I buy this. Abadi visited Elfman multiple times for a year AFTER he had allegedly acted inappropriately towards her, and even flew to Paris with him and took nude photos. If she’s telling the truth, would she have continued to visit him for so long after the fact? Two of Abadi’s friends think she’s lying. Of course, I will change my mind if more evidence is provided, but right now some things just don’t add up.


    Yeah, reading the original Rolling Stone article nuances quite a bit the depiction of the situation that the Variety one presented. Obviously, some “things” happened but what and to what extent, it’s not really clear from the information we have (and we’ll perhaps never know more). Enough happened for Elfman to settle for a paid solution in the first place, however; so it doesn’t put him in a good spot in my book.

    I guess we’ll see but I agree with Thor, whatever the truth is, it’s not good.

    As for the lack of coverage, my take is that, as high profile Hollywood composer that he is, he still “only” is a film composer, accused by a relatively unknown person. I imagine it doesn’t make a dramatic enough title these days.

    Mr. Dantz

    If Elfman did nothing wrong, you can’t blame him for settling to make her go away in the first place. In these days where you’re guilty until proven innocent, he would’ve been “cancelled” for years, or indefinitely. The Depp case is an obvious example.

    Ryan Keaveney



    I listened to some Abadi interviews last week when the site was down. I know that we will never really know what happened, but I wanted to know as much as possible. Elfman’s my favourite musician, but people very close to me have survived abuse and I always choose to believe victims first. She comes across as very intelligent, and the survivors group that she created sounds wonderful. All the points she makes about the industry are true.

    The interviews I listened to largely corroborate with what was written in the Rolling Stone article. Elfman isn’t referred to by name, obviously, but it’s clear from the context who she is talking about (someone she idolised, a huge name…). She lost contact with a lot of people, including friends, mentors and her therapist, who didn’t believe her. (The Rolling Stone article mentions that some of Adabi’s closest friends didn’t believe her, and they are referred to here.) But her career soon took off in a positive way once she removed herself from the situation. (I noticed on IMDB that she’s worked with Raimi’s wife twice and appeared in Oz, so I can’t help but wonder if that is a lost contact.)

    One thing did jump out. In one interview, she alleges that her abuser has done this to ‘many’ other women, specifying it happened to a woman in the 1990s. She says this at 32:35 in the following interview:

    She knows that if the story were to break, there are lot of texts messages that will be used against her as it took her a long time to realise she was being abused.

    However, in a subsequent interview, she alleges that she doesn’t know if her abuser has done this to any other women. She says this at 47:55 in the following interview:

    So yeah, it’s all very messy.

    Even if Elfman were to be able to prove that no abuse took place, he still failed to make payments that he agreed to make. I don’t know legal matters, but that sounds like a hard case to win to me. I guess we’ll have to wait.


    Thank you for the write-up, I’ll listen to the podcasts If I have time. I mostly share your view on the topic, even though we indeed don’t know the full story (and we probably never will).

    It’s just really sad and clearly leaves me with a bitter taste (to say the least) regarding Elfman’s work. I never idolized personalities, I’m always a fan of what they bring to the world. I rolled my eyes during a few Elfman’s interviews, when he was commenting some other topics and I wouldn’t relate to it. Who cares, I like the music, not the man.

    But I just can’t continue to enjoy Elfman’s work as I used to, from now on. Whatever people do in their private life is their business, as long as all parties involved are very much aware and at ease with what they are doing. Even if Elfman never did something wrong “legally”, if he abused of his name and fame to lead another person in a territory she wasn’t comfortable with, it’s already too much.

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