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    Ryan P

    Author Mark Z. Danielewski has recorded audio of his book “Only Revolutions” using some of Danny’s music as background. It doesn’t surpise me that Danny contributed the music, as he is a big fan of Mark’s sister, singer/songwriter Poe. Check out the link for some audio samples.
    The first of five parts of Mark Z Danielewski’s audio version of

    Only Revolutions

    with Mark Z Danielewski reading Sam
    & Alexis Madden reading Hailey

    Music by Danny Elfman from his “Serenada Schizophrana” “Overeager Overture” “Danny’s Wedding March” and “Bridget’s Wedding March”.

    Co-produced by Jessica Kaye. Engineered by Zed B. Starkovich. Recorded at The Media Staff. —Thanks Jerry for the great bread! Earwatched by Poe. Special thanks to Kirsten Johnson, Olle Romo, Samantha Rogers, James Kimball and of course Danny and Bridget and the Moonmad Sunday Gang.

    Audio Length: Around 9 hours for Reels 1-5.
    Year of Publication: 2007

    Mark Z Danielewski is also the author of House of Leaves. He was born in New York City and now lives in Los Angeles


    This sounds so exciting! I loved “House of Leaves” (that’s something that could never be an audio-book, huh? ;-)), but wait wait wait. Overeager Overture was recorded?? Fabulous!
    And the wedding music! ajsghf%^&$$%. whoa. *squeals* (sorry for this typographic display of excitement )

    I know, I know, those will just be three or four bars between chapters, right. Whatever. *grins*


    House of Leaves was fantastic. Only Revolutions is ghastly, hoping its gimmick will distract people from the fact that it is not well written. I don’t see how OR will work as an audiobook either. At least we get some Elfman music out of it.


    Only on itunes though, apparently. I will need to find a way to get this (since Poland is itunes’ third world still, for now). ;-)

    Dawg Man

    Well, if you go to iTunes and track down “Only Revolutions (Reel 4)” the first clip is tracked almost completely with Elfman’s Overeager Overture.


    *wishes she had access to i-tunes*

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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