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    Ryan P

    There isa theatre group in Los Angeles called For the Record. They take brilliant directors and their most popular movies and make a live theatre musical performance out of them.
    Their latest was on Robert Zemeckis was amazing. Check out this link for some photos: They basically take small snippets of popular movies and act out scenes and sing the popular songs.

    Well, this October they will be doing their show on Tim Burton. Needless to say, this means Danny Elfman’s music performed live! For those of us living in Los Angeles, it will certainly be cheaper than flying to London to hear Danny’s music performed live.
    They don’t have a website for Burton yet, but as soon as they do I will update. I, of course, will be attending this show. If there are any other fans out here in L.A. perhaps we could have a meet up of sorts.
    October can’t come quick enough!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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