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    Ryan P

    I’ve been re-watching all of the Tim Burton films, going through each one and watching every special feature. I had never listened to the Music Only tracks that WB put on Pee-wee and Beetlejuice. I didn’t think I would enjoy listening to it all that much, especially with Beetlejuice because there was no commentary in between cues like with Pee-wee. However, I just finished watching Beetlejuice with the Music Only track on and I must say that it really blew me away. Danny talks about dubbing a lot, and with Beetle juice I can now understand what he means. There are so many cues that get lost under special effects and added noise that I felt like I was listening to the Beetlejuice score for the first time.

    Does anyone here listen to these, and if so, how has it changed the way you feel about the score?

    Ryan Keaveney

    I’ve always listened to these. It’s the reason why I own RED DRAGON on DVD! I used to actually record them. I even put the PEE-WEE tracks here on the site 100 years ago.


    Search and visit:

    Danny Elfman’s Music

    on Facebook and enjoy it. =)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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