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    Joe Dante fan

    Hi! I am new here, this is my first topic on the forum. I have been around for a long time but never really insterested about writing in the forum, but now things have changed!

    Danny Elfman have always been a revelation to me. He was the man who got me into the Film Music (as a collector). I cann’t choose a favourite os his scores, as all the ones I have listened to are terrific.

    As first topic, I would like to ask Ryan why the link to “My Favourite Martian” score in the Filmography web page doesn’t work?


    Fan Number one of Joe Dante

    Mr. Dantz

    Greetings! There seems to be a lot of lurkers here that never type. I wonder why…


    I can think of plenty of reasons:

    1. They never found the “post” button
    2. Lack of inspiration denied them the ability to think up a fab alias like “Mr. Dantz”
    3. They come across the board by accident while looking for under-exposed pictures of Jenna
    4. They have poor monitors (like me) and can’t navigate the dark blue text properly before the page updates or their modems reach their cut-off period and they have to start again
    5. They are all spammers and Ryan spends every waking moment deleting their pornographic/miracle cure messages so you don’t have to read them

    Anyone else got any ideas?

    I love this thread. Maybe the martians stole Ryan’s filmography link? Face it. It’s Friday. Hit shappens.



    6. They think they are funny but are not.


    7. They’re too busy setting no.6 to music but lost the will to live after being weighed down by Friday-fuelled sarcasm. *Sigh* Sorry Joe for the clumsily friendly “hello”.

    Danny Burton

    Whoops. Double Post.

    Danny Burton

    Hmmm…I wonder if Danny has ever been here. I know his brother has a link to this website in his and I’m sure he has at least heard about it from him.

    Just in case, Hi, Danny!

    Mr. Dantz

    Yes, of course he’s been here. If you were Danny, wouldn’t YOU know about this place?


    If I had a fansite, I’d drop by every now and then. Then again, Danny is a very busy guy, so he’s got no obligations to be here.

    Actually, I was bored so I decided to browse this site for places I never lurked around in and came across this interview he did about 4 years ago:

    “Q: Do you keep in touch with your fan sites in the net?

    A: No. I feel that if I start doing that, I’ll have to get involved… It’s like my first years as a composer, when I was under attack all the time from the film composing community, because of the misinformation. At a certain point I was spending so much energy to defend myself, that I just stopped. Forget it. Let them say what they want, let them spread lies. And it’s the same about the web sites, unless I get involved, there is a lot of misinformation, lots of people saying things… And it’s not worth it. Because I’ll start defending myself, correcting this and that and there’s not enough time in my day to do these minimal things. I find that it’s a waste of energy trying to defend oneself, trying to correct the misperceptions, you know what I mean? When I started getting e-mail, I felt it was really time consuming, because some people get really wrapped up in weird little things, and rumours, and even personal things. And I thought: that’s what they want. They want your reaction. Ultimately I ended up going – “this is just a huge energy drain, I don’t want to fight with this person, let them say whatever they want!” If they want to say that I go out in the world and f-ck goats, then I just ignore it or say, “yes, I love it!”. If they want to say that I steal all my music from a slave composer that I’ve got chained up on my basement whom I feed scraps of bread to – good, yes, I do that! In fact I have ten of them down there! If people want to say that they have the missing tape of me singing the entire score to “Batman” that I gave to a composer who actually wrote the score… Why am I trying to defend myself from such a stupid and absurd thing? “Yes, of course, I sing all my scores and give them to a composer and he does all the work and then I show up a month later and take all the credit!” So, when things go to that level, it’s so crazy and you have so much of it that it’s better just to…

    Q: Just sit and watch?

    A: Yeah, it’s better just to sit and watch and go, yes! I do this! Something else writes my music! I’m a pederast! I’m into bestiality! Necrophelia! Come on, lay it on! (Laughs)”

    Interesting bit of info that I never came across.


    Spider-Fan, that Elfman qoute is precisely why I strive to keep the information on this site as factually correct as possible (a job made easier if I had some Elfman connections, which I don’t) and keep the personal discussion off the site (I have zero tolerance for that sort of thing).

    Anyways, nows as good a time as any to announce I have plans for the first major rehaul of this site in many, many years. I’m not sure what I plan to do, but brightening up the text color is one change I’m seriously considering ;)




    [Best gospel accent]

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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