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    If you’re reading this Mr. Kraft. I’m a HUGE fan of Danny Elfman’s music and was wondering if there is a possibility of getting another Music for a Darkened Theater CD. Volume 3 this time. It’ s been over ten years since the last one. I still don’t have some of the CDs that was release in 1996. Since the last CD went up to Mission Impossible as his recent score he had written at the time. I was wondering if you could continue where he left off. I don’t have Extreme Measures, Mars Attacks, Good Will Hunting, Flubber, Psycho (Weepy Donuts/End Credits)Anywhere But Here, HeartBreakers theme, Proof of Life (I think that just got out of print at Barnes &Noble and other stores by me) Family Man, Spy KIds (the elfman cues),I have everything after except for the Desperate Housewives, Point Pleasure theme as well as the Nacho Libre score and Fable main title. The other CD , Volume 2, was missing the Article 99 cues, Pure Luck theme, Batman :The Animated Series theme, March of the Dead theme from “Army of Darkness”. I know you have to talk to MCA records because it’s really up to them but me and many other Elfmanites have been waiting another CD for while now. If you can make this CD possible or not please write up here to give me and us Elfmanites an answer and some progress on it . If it happens. Please. Thank You.



    Would love another one myself. Would be great to get some of that mid 90’s unreleased stuff.



    OK, since 1996, what Elfman soundtracks DO you have? :)



    I have Mission Impossible, Men In Black 1and 2, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, Spiderman 1 and 2, Red Dragon, Hulk, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Serenada Schizophrana, TNBC Two Disc CD,Charlottes Web, Meet The Robinsons, and The (underrated) Kingdom. Those are the ones i had from 1996 -today. I wish i had Proof of Life but I believe that’s OOP. At least in the stores by where I stay at. I also updated the other post I wrote because I forgot to add Flubber, and the end credits he made for the Psycho remake. We need to make a petition for another MFADT cd. It’s been way too long since the last one. 12 years !!! I’m tired of waiting for it. Elfman deserves another one. Anybody have any ideas to get another cd out and to get Elfman’s agent and the record company who produce the cds attention. Please share. Thanks.

    P.S. Does Richard Kraft read message boards on this website ?


    Mr. Dantz

    I highly doubt he does. You can probably find most of the stuff you want if you look hard enough for it, you know.


    Mr. Dantz Wrote:

    > I highly doubt he does. You can probably find most
    > of the stuff you want if you look hard enough for
    > it, you know.

    Yea, but how much will that cost? A new MFADP CD would be cheaper than buying all the CDs Elfman has released in the past decade.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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