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    Having seen the movie a few times I have a few observations.

    ‘Heroes’ is a wild track, it doesn’t feature in the movie but it wasn’t written for a scene in mind.
    Only the first section of ‘It Begins’ plays where it is supposed to – the opening Marvel logo and the Twins reveal (and hint at their theme). The rest of the scene it was written for, the long shot of the Avengers culminating in the money shot of the trailers, is replaced with ‘I Got a Ride’ from Silvestri’s score. Some of this track is used later during the Seoul chase, notably when Black Widow drives under the truck.
    The ‘Ultron’ section from ‘Ultron-Twins’ seems to be omitted entirely, this is the scene when Ultron first meets the Twins and features music by Tyler. When Quicksilver tells the story of the bombing the music changes to Elfman.
    ‘Can You Stop This Thing’ plays when the Twins stop the train, it plays in its entirety.
    ‘Farmhouse’ is pretty self-explanatry, pretty sure this plays in full. The only Bruce/Natasha scene which doesn’t feature Tyler’s music and Elfman doesn’t use his theme.
    ‘Inevitability/One Good Eye’ – the first section of this cue plays when Tony and Bruce start to reconfigure Vision. The section from 1:41 onwards, when Scarlet Witch becomes an Avenger, is probably the most prominantly mixed moment in the movie. The rest of the cue doesn’t feature in the movie at all, but the title rings no bells so I’m wondering if that scene was cut?
    ‘Ultron Wakes’ – I don’t think this features in the movie at all. It’s clear what scene it is meant to accompany but that scene has music from Tyler.
    ‘The Farm’ plays in full, prominantly mixed.
    ‘Avengers Unite’ is the big musical moment of the score and is mixed well considering how much is happening on screen, I think the last few seconds are cut in the movie.
    ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ plays in full.
    The ‘New Avengers’ section is completely cut and replaced with ‘A Promise’ from Silvestri’s score. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ plays through the end title sequence.

    So it’s all kind of a mess. Elfman was clearly asked to write around the Twins (more so Scarlet Witch), the quieter farm sequences and the Avengers themselves. All of these are major moments in the movie so I’ve no doubt Elfman replaced Tyler’s music no matter how much people scream about schedule conflicts. I mean why would Tyler not score the big Avengers scenes?

    The unreleased cue when they fly off towards Seoul from the farmhouse struck me as Elfman.

    Ryan Keaveney

    Got my copy of the CD today and I’m having a hell of a time ripping it in iTunes. Lots of digital skips and snags. Bummer.


    Are ya’ll putting this in with your Elfman or Tyler CDs?


    Has passed Alice to be Elfman’s highest grossing movie worldwide and will soon pass Spider-Man to be his highest grossing domestically. In terms of tickets sold Spider-Man will still come out on top though.

    Ryan Keaveney

    I will put this in with my Elfman discs, but I have a ton of Tyler ones too.


    Better late than never.

    I finally saw the movie and Danny’s involvement reminded me of Terminator Salvation. Most of the music was buried behind sound effects and only in the quiet scenes is when the music is allowed to breath.


    Danny’s music isn’t even allowed to breathe during the quiet scenes in Terminator: Salvation. The ‘Fireside’ cue is barely audible and all he’s competing with there are two characters trying to be quiet and a fire.


    Fires can be really noisy…

    Ryan P

    ddddeeee Wrote:

    > Danny’s music isn’t even allowed to breathe during
    > the quiet scenes in Terminator: Salvation. The
    > ‘Fireside’ cue is barely audible and all he’s
    > competing with there are two characters trying to
    > be quiet and a fire.

    Ha ha! I ended up buying the Salvation score because I wanted to hear more than what showed up in the film. It was a terrible dub. Not one of my favorite Elfman scores, but still a good listen,


    Does anyone know the chronological film order of the album?


    Only for the Elfman cues.

    1. Heroes (suite)
    2. It Begins
    3. Ultron Wakes
    4. Ultron-Twins
    5. Farmhouse
    6. Can You Stop This Thing?
    7. Inevitability/One Good Eye
    8. Avengers Unite
    9. The Farm
    10. Nothing Lasts Forever
    11. New Avengers – Avengers: Age of Ultron

    So much of Tyler’s music isn’t used in the movie (and a lot of it is rather anonymous imo) that I wouldn’t know how to put it in order.


    Yeah the mixing of the score in the movie was poor. Oh well.. Thanks anyway.

    Ryan Keaveney

    I watched AGE OF ULTRON this weekend. Maybe I’m getting old, but can anyone explain to me what was happening in this film? HAHA.

    The score as heard in the film is a total disappointment. I recently downgraded my surround system to a soundbar for space and I could barely hear the music in any of the major actions sequences… What a mess.


    This is interesting: I just rewatched the movie and a lot of Elfman’s cut music is in the credits. For example, only the beginning of ‘It Begins’ plays in the movie (and a short part is cut and paste in later) and in the end credits the exact piece of music that was cut is played. Additionally, in the movie the start of ‘New Avengers’ is played and then cut in favour of Silvestri’s music – in the end credits that exact piece of music that was cut is played (not the beginning or the end of the cue that were intact in the movie).

    It almost seems like an apology of sorts.

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